EOTECH Pro-Sales Application

Our partners are critical to helping us promote EOTECH products to consumers around the world. Much of this success is due to the hard work and dedication of EOTECH's industry and pro staff supporters. To show our appreciation, we have extended a very special price on EOTECH Products and Gear to those who qualify.

By completing this application you acknowledge:

  • ALL SALES THROUGH THIS PROGRAM ARE FINAL. No refunds, returns or exchanges will be permitted.
  • EOTECH may contact you via email or mail about your Pro Sales account. Please note that we respect your privacy and your email and mailing addresses are not released to third parties.
  • As part of the responsibility that comes with special program pricing, we ask that you not share your price or any additional benefits you receive with anybody outside the realm of your membership.
  • Membership is valid for the current calendar year. You will be required to re-apply to renew your membership at the conclusion of the program.
  • The products received through the program are for you and you alone. Any purchase for people other than yourself can result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  • PLEASE REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT PRIOR TO COMPLETING THIS FORM. Failure to register for an account will delay your application. You can register here.

We respect the work you do in the shooting sports industry, and we hope you understand and respect how seriously we take this program. We look forward to having you enjoy the many benefits we offer.

You can login, view and make purchases as a regular customer until your Pro Sales status has been confirmed, YOU WILL NOT receive discounted pricing until your application has been approved and you have been notified via email. Your industry discount will be automatically applied during checkout when you log in to an approved user account.



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